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Yeeeess! So worth the wait!

Ominous! Definitely going to check this out, I'll even spread the word!

Pretty good for something made years ago, the lip syncing was especially well done.

The art direction isn't bad despite none of the character's faces changing in the trailer. The animation is really off putting at times and character movement is really loose and weightless (You're using bone rig animation aren't you?) I'm sure this series would be a good mini series but over $50,000 for an entire season is ambitious for something that has a niche audience and relies on a animation technique that's possibly worst than tweening.
P.S. You can get away with bone rigs if a scene is from a distance of the characters, but up close and focusing on characters makes their movement look awkward and badly animated.

AxelTheAs responds:

Hey, thanks a lot for you review! I understand and you're right it's an ambitious project, I'll continue improving my animation skills and ask for help if needed ;)


Not the biggest fan of "adult entertainment" But League of Legends is something I love seeing expanded upon often in most forms of media. I hope this project goes well I really like your art style (Your backgrounds are really outstanding).

"The little girl is scared for her life." Show don't tell. The narration should be a bit wittier in terms of humor if that's what you're going for. The imagery in the last 50 seconds of this video comes off with too much horror elements that feel out of place for what's supposed to be a comedy.

It would also help if you had an option for subtitles as well. Your voice is clear but sound effects are just as loud. If you want good reference material for witty narration with (somewhat) serious story try the game Thomas Was Alone (Or look up a walkthrough). I think it would help give you an idea of balancing the humor and serious moments of your story. You have to build up to one aspect or the other, that's pacing at its finest.

Detejubaraaleks responds:

No it's not only a comedy. I never make movies like that :)
Thanks for your comment!

Ominous...Can't wait to see more.

I can see how much effort you put into this, sucks you didn't win. For all it's worth it's always welcome on the internet.

HottestCornDong responds:

Thank you, that's the reason I posted it to Newgrounds. I knew you guys would appreciate it more.

Love the art direction and pacing. I'm looking forward to seeing more already.

I'm lost. The animation,art, and voice acting is great but the story and pacing was...lacking. I don't need to be spoon fed exposition and I think you were going for "show don't tell", but "show don't tell" doesn't work in a setting like this. It felt like I was watching episode 2 or 3 not 1.

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