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Gonna make this review simple:

Graphics - meh.
Writing - Pretty good, the writing was not only funny but choices had real consequences that led to the player thinking if they're making the right choice or smart choice.
Music - Could have really added some drama to some scenes. (Listened to Bloody Tears during the fight with the King).

Overall - If you choose to expand this universe and maybe even do some stuff with the lore that would be awesome! I look forward to your next project.

Gotta admit this was sadistically fun but still needs a bit of "fleshing out" but this is a demo so that's understandable.

littlegreengamer responds:

Thank you very much. Judging from all the trouble I'm having just trying to get Unity 5 and Clickteam Fusion to work, it'll probably be a cold day in Hell before I ever get the full project done. But I truly appreciate your positive words. :)

Pretty fun but not properly optimized for mouse use (kept scrolling down by accident). Also you spelled Godlike wrong.

Level 4 doesn't work (The controls don't respond at all). Also the save button should follow the frame to make it easily accessible. Another good idea would be to have the spacebar used for jumping to make it easier and less awkward for the player.

One of the best games I've played on Newgrounds in a while, I'd like to see this gameplay concept expanded upon.

Wasn't sure what to expect but the presentation and narrative was above my expectations. I wouldn't mind playing something similar to this again.

JackAstral responds:

Thanks :) Working on something like this now about a soldier

I wasn't expecting to be kinda engaged to the story but I find myself wanting more interactions with this world. Although one thing that bugs me is that everyone looks pretty cheerful despite there being a war going on.

TalesofValorian responds:

Yes, we were thinking about changing the graphics of the faces to show different emotions but we ran out of time by then...

We will polish it and show you all the results!

Got addicted playing this for far longer than I should have, It's pretty fun but could greatly use background music.

FancyReckless responds:

Thanks for review, will find something that fits ;)

Wasn't sure what to expect here but I found myself liking the characters and the dialogue a lot. There's a few typos and the art is average but the presentation, writing, and dialogue is really good and makes up for shortcomings. I'm actually looking forward to your next project.

handalsoft responds:

Hi there... Thank you very much for playing the game... I have a couple of ideas for my next game project... Hopefully I can deliver something unique & fun for you guys to play...

Wasn't sure what to expect (This is the first time I've played one of your games). Looking at the old ones this game is a step up from your classic "Escape the place" type games. It was fun and nostalgic bringing up memories of point and click games of the 80's and 90's. I'd like to play more later but for now this was okay....The art work and writing could be better but that's just a nit pick.

P.S. Like the idea of the day/night cycle but it doesn't add anything like mood setting or extra character dialogue. Changing the music for night and giving characters more to say would add a bit of depth to the world around the player.

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