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The road to 2020, Our plans for Newgrounds

Posted by GhostDataMedia - September 4th, 2017

Okay so we here at GDFE have some news to share, we're working hard on our original projects and are pushing for doing commission work in the future. To show off more of what we can do I'm remaking a lot of Flash games I made over the years on Newgrounds and I'm going to delete the old one's not only because I don't like looking back at my old work but also because by 2020 Flash will cease to be supported and HTML5 looks to be taking over on all browsers. We want to preserve any and all Flash content we have / make (Any game we make can be converted to Flash or HTML5) but the future has spoken and we will move on. I'm also re-making all of the sprites and assets for the games being made from the ground up.

I already remade Hallow-Scream IN JUST 6 HOURS compared to the original 2 Days it took back in 2013. I'll officially release the game on October 1st alongside an updated (not remade) version of Colors of Music.

The next game I'll remake is Lair of Zetarus Director's Cut and it will have a new lighting system for the HTML5 version (Due to the previous lighting effect not working with Flash or HTML5) and the .exe version will have a similar but updated lighting effect to the previous version.
Lair of Zetarus DX is set to release October 15th along with episode 1 (of 4) of our Slenderman miniseries.
As for further releases this past October, Nothing is happening in terms of releases. We'll be working on Witch Assassin Kyoko and episode 2 and 3 of the Slenderman miniseries but that's it.
We may work on 1 game or 2 other games if we're lucky but with college at AIE starting Fall of next year we're putting our focus on funding ourselves while attending. We could support ourselves making games full time via Patreon but that's a pipe dream and we'll continue updating it weekly mostly for ourselves but anyone interested in it should give it a look.

Thanks for reading and if you're interested in commissions from me then hit up my website: https://ghostdataforgers.wixsite.com/ghostdataforgers/gdfe-art-corner

My website was recently updated so do please check it out and my weekly updated Patreon page.