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I want to start a game design and animation company someday and push the boundaries of both industries! up to date projects can be found on my website https://ghostdataforgers.wixsite.com/ghostdata and my YouTube channel.


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Hey people of Newgrounds how's it been? We have a lot to catch up on.

For starters Ghost Data Forgers Entertainment is now re-branded as Ghost Data Media for obvious reasons.

We're attempting to restructure our brand (and our website) in order to reflect our growth as an

Independent Development team.

As a result we've taken down at least 4 of our past games due to how outdated they look and feel (Although 2 of our current games on Newgrounds are remasters).

We're currently working on a side scrolling cute-em up that we're looking to get published. When our vertical slice will be ready is to be determined but the engine itself is 75% done. It's taken up our main priority for now but we're going to attempt to release 2 small games on Newgrounds by the end of the year.

Also If you live in the Lafayette, Louisiana area, We will be at Artcade on may 11th at the LITE building across from the Cajundome. Artcade is an event where Game Designers, Artists, and Film Makers all over Louisiana meet up and show off their latest projects to the public and it's free as well!

We will be there showcasing our own latest games and projects there.

We hope to see as many people there as possible!: https://artcade.us/

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